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International Journal of Inclusive Education, 26(11)

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Print ISSN: 1360-3116; Online ISSN: 1464-5173

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Education, power, and segregation

The psychoeducational report as an obstacle to inclusive education

I. Calderón-Almendros, J. Moreno-Parra y E. Vila-Merino



This article is the result of research carried out by a group of activists who advocate for the rights of children with disabilities. They are exploring new approaches to both school counselling and the fight against segregation in order to improve the situation of children in the Spanish education system. It focuses on how the psychoeducational report is a key tool for legitimising school segregation, and how deconstructing it is essential for building inclusive schools.
The data analysed were collected from one hundred people from all over Spain who took part in a Participatory Action Research project focused on emerging narratives on inclusive schooling. The aim of the project was to gather accounts of the experiences of pupils, families, and activist professionals who are engaged in a determined struggle to make schools inclusive. Participants were able to share their experiences, conduct their analysis through assemblies and cooperative groups, and use networking to transform existing policies, cultures, and practices.
The information obtained indicates that the labels used by current psychoeducational reports are based on a clinical model and are focused on children’s deficiencies. They provide limited knowledge about the individuals involved and exercise strong social and symbolic control over them and others.

CALDERÓN ALMENDROS, I., MORENO-PARRA, J. & VILA-MERINO, E. (2022). Education, power, and segregation. The psychoeducational report as an obstacle to inclusive education. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 26(10). DOI:10.1080/13603116.2022.2108512


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