Testimonies about schools and exclusion

Some of the testimonies shared by families, professionals and activists in the workshop celebrated in Malaga (Spain) in February 2018. The workshop was aimed at exploring new approaches to school counselling and combating segregation in order to improve the situation of children in the Spanish education system.

The short testimonies presented in this webpage are subtitled in English, you just have to play. At Youtube you have to click on the icon «CC» to activate English Subtitles.

Paula Verde (Vigo, Spain)

Susana Ortigoso (Malaga, Spain)

María Luisa Fernández (La Coruña, Spain)

Sandra Fernández (Vigo, Spain)

Gloria Chacón & Sara (Navarra, Spain)

Iris Cabrerizo (Madrid, Spain)

María del Carmen Camarero (Ciudad Real, Spain)

Carmen Saavedra (La Coruña, Spain)

Eloy Alonso (Madrid, Spain)

Rocío Sotillos (Valencia, Spain)